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Nanny Jobs Toronto

  1. How can I apply to be a nanny with Nannies Toronto Inc.?
    Fill out the Contact Us form and submit it to us. You can email or call us with additional questions. If you are located in Toronto, you should come in and apply.
  2. What is a nanny salary?
    Nannies’ salaries range from $300 – $500 per week. The average salary is $350 – $450 a week. The salary varies based on experience, job requirements, driver’s license, and your qualifications.
  3. How many hours will I be expected to work?
    On average you will work 8 hours a day. All hours should be agreed upon by both parties before employment start date. By law, if you work more than 44 hours per week, the employer must pay you overtime at a rate of 50% higher per hour.
  4. What duties will I have as a nanny?
    Nannies are responsible for childcare and child-related chores around the home. Examples are meals for the children, children’s laundry and picking up child’s room and toys.
  5. Where do you place nannies?
    We are based in Toronto, Ontario. So most likely you will be placed in the Greater Toronto area, but nannies can be placed nationally if desired.
  6. Do I need to drive and what if I do not have a car?
    Not all families require a nanny that drives; however, many families prefer a nanny with a valid Driver’s License and a good driving record. If you have your own car, you will generally get paid more, the family will reimburse you for mileage and gas for family-related trips. Some families provide you with a car to use while working.
    If you are coming to Canada from another country, it would be great if you have an international drivers license. Within time, you will have to take the G1 and G2 tests to get your Canadian drivers license.

If you have more questions about nanny jobs in Toronto, please call us at 905-581-2655.